Friday, December 4, 2015

Nice sail today across Bligh Waters!

You never know.  Our path across from Vanua Levu to Viti Levu is only 27 miles, but it can get pretty roughed up.
Mountains around Tavua Bay
So, we were very happy to have a nice/fast sail across - very comfortable.

Now we are anchored in Tavua Bay off of Nacilau Point on the island of Viti Levu.

Anchoring was a bit of a challenge tho. 

We tried a new spot and we quickly went from 60 feet to 10 feet and found lots of rock.  We re-anchored quickly!

It is strange (in a good way), we haven't seen another cruising boat since we left Savusavu.  Very quiet this time of year.

We are getting closer to Port Denarua Marina - maybe tomorrow?  Depends on how early we hit the road!
Pukalani (hole in the sky)

So far, we have hooked a barracuda which we shook off, a mahi mahi that broke the hook (rats!), and caught a bird (stupid Booby).

It would be wonderful to catch some fresh fish for dinner.  One of these days!

Looking forward to drinking cold beer at Cardo's!

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Mel said...

Awww, Pukalani! I'm going to see my Pukalani next week before Jon and I leave Hawaii. Sad face. Glad you had a nice sail today! Beautiful pictures!