Friday, September 11, 2015

Made it to the USA - whew!

It took us 4 days to get from Savusavu, Fiji to Pasco, Washington.  We were pooped when we arrived at Midnight on our 2nd Monday!
Ready for vacation

Maybe we are getting too old for this traveling stuff - no way.
Lots of sugar cane

The first day, we hired a cab to drive us to Labasa ($90FJ).
Mystery tree

It was a pretty drive over the mountains and thru the Waisali Rainforest.

Plus lots of sugar cane fields and trucks heading to the mill.
In Labasa - nice place to stay

We spent one night at the Grand Eastern Hotel. A very nice hotel with a great restaurant. We wandered around the markets and did a little exploring.

Uh Oh - the Small Plane!

Next time, we want to check out the sugar mill - it is supposed to be a great tour.

The next day, we hopped the small plane to Nadi. Pretty view from 10,000 feet.
Overlooking Fiji

We had reservations at Jetset Accommodations, but there was a flaw in our plan.

They decided to close down for a month for renovations. Uh Oh!
Sweet Sue and Owen

We were checking out other options - like the Beach Villas.

It was so rundown - yikes.

Fortunately, our friends Sue and Andrew insisted we stay the night with them in their lovely home - we are thankful that we did.  Thanks, Sue and Andrew - we owe you!

Beautiful Cici and Owen
The next day, we got to visit Cici and meet her new son, Owen.  What a cutie pie.

Eeewww - a big snail
Plus, wander around their beautiful yard - gorgeous orchids and a big dog!

Then down to Port Denarau just in time to catch up with a lot of our friends and hang out at one of our favorite places - Cardo's.

Love these orchids
It was a very nice reunion - so nice to see all those familiar faces.

Time to catch our 11 hour flight from Nadi to Los Angeles. Fortunately, we slept most of the way!
In LA - had to try it

Once we landed, we rented a car for 4 hours and drove to El Segunda in search of cold beer and great burgers!
Tavern on Main - El Segundo

We found them both at the Tavern on Main, plus lots of TV's.

Our kind of place and so much better than hanging around the airport!

Then a flight to Seattle and another one to Pasco.

Arriving (finally) after midnight.  We were very happy to see that Brother Phil was waiting for us.

Relaxing in Pasco - finally!
So we are all settled in and enjoying our favorites - bacon cheeseburgers, tater tots, salmon, corn on the cob, and great cold beer and good red wine.

Plus, family and friends we haven't seen for awhile - of course.

We have been busy getting ready for the family "event" next week.

And, friends have invited us to join them at their house on Lake Roosevelt this weekend.  How fun!

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