Sunday, January 4, 2015

Celebrating the Holidays in Fiji!

This is our first holiday season (for a long time) that we haven't been surrounded by family.
Celebrating Christmas in Saweni Bay with Friends

I was a little worried we weren't going to survive, but we had such a wonderful time - surrounded by the Yachties and the locals!
I am on vacation!

Cheryl and Karen (s/v Interlude) rented a house in Saweni Bay and invited us to join in.

Plus, Bill and Natalia (s/v Island Bound).  The more the merrier I say!
The Christmas Rake!

The house was perfect.

4 air conditioned rooms (luxury), 3 bathrooms, and a big kitchen and living area.
Our makeshift Oven - it worked!

The only thing missing (besides all of you) was an oven, but the BBQ worked just fine!
Our Christmas Grinch!

Cheryl and Karen made Christmas very special. All the traditions, decorations, gifts, food... it was wonderful.

Wonderful Christmas dinner

Plus, Cheryl entertained us all by her interpretative reading of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".  Loved it!

Our dinner had all the fixings - turkey, ham, chicken, dressing, borscht?, and lots of other wonderful things.

So much food, we invited the lovely ladies that worked at the resort to join us.

A wonderful Christmas was had by all!
New Year's balloons - ready to drop

We celebrated New Year's out at Musket Cove - one of our favorite places.
Our Musket Cove waitstaff - enjoying Reggae Night

And, they threw a helluva party!

Reggae was the theme and the Fiji Police Band had the place rocking.
New Year's Potluck

The Yachties organized a big potluck and invited everyone we could think of to join in.

With that much great food - why not?
Ready to ring in the New Year

So we socialized and danced the night away - even made it to 1:30am

Love fireworks on the water
Pretty good for a couple of old duffers!

We hope that your holiday celebrations were just as wonderful and that you were surrounded by all of your favorite people.

Now, like everyone, we are back to our regular schedule.

Working on our boat projects and enjoying life in Fiji.
Hope you all have a wonderful year!

Happy 2015 to everyone - hope it is the best yet!

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S/V Bella Vita said...

Happy to see you guys having a good time - miss you and looking forward to seeing you again in a few months!