Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sports Day!

We had heard from friends on s/v Tanga about the horse races happening in the Sabeto Valley.  Sounded like fun, so we decided to check it out - along with several other cruisers.
Stacey and Brett on Bus #1

Stacey and Brett on s/v Bella Vita decided to join us for the adventure, which took 2 bus rides, a hike, and some hitchhiking - just to get there.

But we made it - just in time for the welcoming ceremony for the Attorney General and Minister for Tourism.
Welcoming Ceremony

We lingered after the dancing and chanting and were rewarded with tea sandwiches, cakes, and juice.  A very proper tea.  What a treat!

Goofiness in the beer tent
So, the pack of cruisers (Bella Vita, Tiger Lilly, Tanga, and Turn the Page) settled underneath the beer tent and proceeded to have a great time - as you can see. 

Fast races around the papaya field
There were several races on the program, but you never knew how many horses were going to show up.

Enjoying the entertainment
One race only had one horse running - he won of course!

But, the races were always fast - no saddles required - and the riders intense. 
Dancing in the field

We also had music and dancing between races to entertain the crowds.
Lovely ladies

So, a very good day at the races.

The Haka - time to rumble

We didn't stay for all the races.

The crew of Tiger Lilly invited us to join them to attend the Challenger Rugby round between Fiji and the Cook Islands at the sports field in Lautoka - glad we did!

Half time entertainment - a hoot
We all had a great time and we are learning so much about the sport.  Good thing, cause it is always on TV around here.

Big jump
Plus, great half-time entertainment by the Police band and a few "characters".

The Fijians know how to have a good time for sure.

The match was a blow-out.  Fiji won 108 - 6.  Now, they are qualified to play in the World Cup 2015.  Pretty exciting.

Pool at the Farmers Bar
American beer - yikes!

The finale - drinks and rounds of pool at the Farmers Bar in Nadi.

It was a helluva day and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Wish you could have joined us!

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Bethany @ Journey to Ithaca said...

Hi! I just found my way here from Sailing Totem, and I look forward to reading about more of your adventures. We're starting our live aboard adventure in 5 days. Crossing the ocean is an eventual goal, but it will be a few years. Excited to be starting, though! :-)