Friday, June 6, 2014

Meke Mondays at Nalauwaki Village - Waya

We were so excited to find out that a Meke was going to be held at the Village while we were on the island of Waya.  We had to check it out! 
Fijian Death Dance
Meke is a dance performance that enacts ancient lore.

Most of the dancing is done by the men of the village and it was fun to watch – even the Cibi (death dance). 
Entertaining us!

 I am sure it was scarier back in the old days!

The females sing, chant, and play some of the instruments.
Getting the Kava party started!

The ceremony started with Sevesevu – our acceptance into the Village.

Doug looking sharp in his Sulu!
Then the Kava (made from an intoxicating pepper root) is mixed and everyone takes turns drinking a bilo (bowl).

One clap, Bula!, drink the whole bowl, three claps and we start over.

Then we all introduced ourselves.  A very interesting ceremony and I am sure the Kava party continued long after we left!

We were led thru the village so that we could see how the locals live.

Then we visited the Kindergarten where we learned about their school programs, plus the kids entertained us with lively songs.
Kids - very entertaining

And, to wrap up the festivities, the ladies of the village brought out all of their crafts to sell.

Craft Market - lots of pretties
Lots of pretty things, so be sure to bring your money.

It was a fun day and a wonderful opportunity to meet the villagers and learn some of their customs.

We will definitely go back.

PS: Our Fijian Caretaker explained the difference between drinking Kava and drinking alcohol. Alcohol makes you wound up and louder; Kava makes you very mellow.  Maybe I need to drink more Kava!


Ana said...

Looks like fun and, I must say, Doug looks mighty dapper in that colorful wrap!

Michael Stouffer said...

It all sounds like a great time. And I have to agree with Ana, Doug wears that skirt very well.