Saturday, April 19, 2014

Navetau Village

We have a very special visit to the Navetau Village!
Kids - the same everywhere!

Our Fijian caretaker, Masi, is the Minister of his church and he invited us to join them for Palm Sunday services .

Navetau church
On Palm Sunday, the children all dress in white and perform the church services.
So adorable

The village is small - approximately 80 people.

I think every member came up and shook our hands and thanked us for joining them - Vinaka!
After Church

The older children read bible stories and the younger children sang.

They were adorable - trying to be so good and be quiet and sit still!

After the service, Masi and his wife Millie, invited us have lunch at their home and meet the rest of the family.

Masi and his girls
We had a feast of chicken, sausages, taro, soup, curry, and fresh fruit - so much food.

We know that Masi's family doesn't have a lot, but they were happy to share it with us.  We were very grateful.

Doug in his sulu
The funny part - watching Doug try to sit cross legged on the mats for hours. 

They finally got him a chair - hah!

It was a very special day!

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Anonymous said...

you two are so special to join in the locals ritual for the holiday how very sweet of them to make you feel like family I am so envious LOve Mom