Saturday, October 17, 2009

Naked Man and the Raccoon!

4:30 am - Doug (Naked Man) staring down a Raccoon that had scampered inside our boat, found the snack bin, and stole a bag of Snyder pretzels - hah!

The Raccoon would have got away with it except opening a bag of pretzels is very noisy and I sleep very light!

I wake up Doug who flies out of bed, grabs a flashlight, and sprints up the steps - a very attractive site for Naked Man! The Raccoon jumps off the boat, leaving the pretzels behind.

The Raccoon doesn't appear to be afraid of Doug. He is more interested in the pretzel bag Doug has in his hand. The Raccoon runs up and down the dock thinking ... flee or tackle Naked Guy and grab the pretzels? The Raccoon finally decides to run away, but we are sure he is going to come back. He knows where we keep the goods!

We have checked with other boats at the Marina - Raccoons are harassing everyone. Guess we had better start closing the hatches at night!

PS: Photo is not of our Raccoon, but a good substitute!


Anonymous said...


Ana said...

Naked man is lucky his pretzel is still in tact! Those racoons get mean!

Eric said...

How funny....Gavin loved the story and he wants to know why you sleep naked.....where' your jammies!!! A discussion for another day!!! Ha.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

There is a reason I wear pajamas!! Earthquakes in SoCal and all the neighbors run out of their boats naked and I am in pj's. Smart decision.

Azure42 said...

"We have checked with other boats at the Marina"

Jeez, Carla, I hope Doug put on some clothes first.