Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wild, Wild, West!

We have been having a grand time visiting family and friends - can you tell? We loved spending time in Albuquerque with Kathy, Deb, and Chuck, visiting old haunts, and hanging with our buddies.

Plus, we got to spend some time with some of my SWIFT work team (miss them!) and Doug's old Gunrunner softball team. Can't believe it has been a year!

Next stop, Ruidoso to visit my family. This is Billy the Kid country and has lots of history, plus just beautiful mountains and valleys

Mom and Dad threw a 42 party (dominos) and, as you can tell, we ate lots of yummy stuff and stayed up way too late!

We got to enjoy some of the nightlife of Ruidoso with my sister and family (Anessa, Eric, and Gavin) - a chuckwagon dinner and western show at the Flying J Ranch.

Gavin braved the horseback ride and shoot out and we all laughed and sang during the entertainment - it was a hoot!.

Jim and Tawona invited us out to their house to pick yummy apples in the Hondo valley. It is harder than it looks, but we were able to get plenty!

Doug and Eric really enjoyed learning how to "Fast Draw" - check out the video. I gave it a try, but couldn't hardly hold the gun. It is tough.

Jim and Tawona compete in competitions. Jim is going to the Nationals near Reno this weekend. Good luck to them!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Queek Draw!

Good shootin'!!

Ana said...

I wanna know if Gavin ever closes that mouth! He is sooooo cute!

ness_eric said...

C and D,

Jim got 30th out of 100 in Reno; not bad for a guy with less than accurate eyesight!