Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alameda highlights...

What good friends we have. Tim and Karen (Sogno D' Oro) let us stay on their boat - how nice is that? We have moved in and are very comfortable.

Since we arrived in Alameda, we have spent lots of time socializing with our boating buddies, attending happy hours, visiting our old haunts and generally enjoying ourselves. A special treat, Fern and Brian (La Paz amigos) stopped by for a visit and joined in on the fun!

Some highlights -

We attended the Alameda 4th of July parade - very old fashion and lots of fun.

We threw a 4th of July party at the marina - lots of old and new faces, great food, plus a spectacular fireworks show.

We went sailing on Sogno D' Oro. It was a little cool, but we enjoyed the beautiful views and the wonderful company. Thanks Tim and Karen!

We toured San Francisco - what a wonderful city.

The ladies spent the time shopping (and giggling); the men touring Fishermen's Wharf (and the pubs).

It was great to re-visit some of our favorite places.

And, of course, we ate way too much, but we enjoyed every bite!

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Ness, Eric and Gavin said...

I bet your old cronnies are so happy to have their drinking buddies back! Enjoy the ethnic food in San Fran while you can! BTW the meat in the tamales is not identified-intentionally!