Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Migrating North

Well, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time (and our company) in the Loreto area, but it is time to start heading north before it gets too hot and humid, plus we need to get out of the hurricane zone!

Our plan is to be in San Carlos (on the mainland) on June 15 to secure Moondance for the summer and then back in the States by July 1. Until then, we are going to enjoy life on the Sea.

Our first stop, the quiet little island - Isla Coronados - where we were shocked to see a big cruise ship, The World, in the bay! It looks so out of place here. There is nothing on this island - no shopping, no restaurants, nada. Just a beautiful white beach where they shuffled everyone back and forth.

We just set back and enjoyed the entertainment along with our fabulous dinner: filet mignons and a bottle of Rosenblum Zindanfel - yummy! Did we tell you how much we have missed the California Zins? Thanks to Phil and Danette for smuggling the bottle of "Carla's Reserve" in your luggage - it was very tasty!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Why does Doug always look buzzed?
It was great seeing you several places in the Sea - we miss it and everyone already!
Enjoy the rest of your time there :)

Ana said...

Won't be long and we'll be enjoying some of that zin!