Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ensenada de los Muertos (again)

This is a great place to recoup from our journey. Apparently, this sailing stuff wears you out. We actually spent three days hanging out in Muertos. We got lots done though - email, taxes, sight seeing, and meeting lots of new folks - of course.

We also had a wonderful surprise. While we were working away, good friends from Vindsang, Sea Horse, and Abrazo showed up - how fun!

We wandered the beach, across the golf course, and over to the fancy resort - GranSueno. It was beautiful - suites, pools, and swim up bars.

They didn't have any guests for the day, so they invited the cruisers over to play in their pool - how cool is that!

In the main restaurant area, they had an amazing game room upstairs. 8 train sets that circled the whole room, slot car tracks, Foosball, and lots of really neat stuff. Doug could have played there all day!

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Anonymous said...

You guys have too much fun! We'll have to go check out that game room.