Friday, June 8, 2018

The Gathering of the Warren Clan

Yup, that meant a trip to Texas and Oklahoma during Tornado season - oh my!
The Warren Clan
It might not have been the best timing and the weather might not have been perfect - cold and stormy with a little bit of hail thrown in for fun...

The Siblings - we are missing a few!
But it was great to see the family together and meet a lot of the Cousins - this group doesn't get together often enough!

Great picture of my Dad!

The Gathering included 4 gen- erations of Warren's.

My Dad being the oldest Sibling @87 and the youngest great grandson @2.
Sweet Aunt Rita - the youngest

6 of the Siblings joined us, 2 couldn't make it, and 3 have passed...
That's a lot of fish!

A lot of the Clan still live around Texas/Oklahoma, but lots of folks traveled from the East and West to join in on the fun.

Very happy that everyone could make it!

Phil and his big Striper
Friday morning, some of the hardy folks got up very early to go fishing (not me!) and what a day they had.
Brave Britt and the Head

72 fish were caught and no injuries were reported - an accomplishment!

We had a hell of a fish fry that night that fed all of us.

Plus lots of fish to pack home - a Fish Papapalooza for sure!
Gavin and Eric - mighty fisherman

Thanks, Brother Phil, for organizing the big fishing trip.

What a day!
Warren's Gone Wild

We ended the day by dancing and whooping it up at Sneaky Pete's - right across the road. 

Plus, some really bad Karaoke... 

Karaoke - oh my!

We liked this place. 

Great food (especially the red shrimp) and cold beer, plus games and entertainment.  We spent a lot of hours here...
Crazy fun at Sneaky Pete's

Everyone had a great time and I am sure we entertained the locals with our shenanigans. 

The Cousins
That's our style!
Kyle, Bee, Ryan and Cath - the next generation

Saturday, was our Big Potluck.

Glad we had the Firepit!
All day was spent cleaning, cooking, eating, drinking, and lots of quality visiting time (and hanging out at Sneaky Pete's of course).
GrandPa Phil and Jagger

And, that is exactly why we all came together - Family Time.

Mom and Sisters Becky and Anessa

A wonderful time was had by everyone and so much good food (and drink, of course).

Plus a lot of leftovers - we could have fed the neighborhood!
Josh and Brittany - Engaged!

Special surprise -  being together for Josh's Big Wedding Proposal to Brittany - yahoo.

These two have been together for a long time - it was meant to be.

Wishing them many wonderful years of love and happiness!
Mom and Dad still got it!

And, just like that, it is time for everyone to head home....
Ness and Eric shaking it!

Love and miss you all and promise to get together more often.

Thanks everyone for coming!

And a gorgeous sunset

PS: We held the reunion at Lake Texoma Lodge and Resort

Nothing fancy, but a great place for the family to gather.

You could rent houses, cabins, or rooms in the motel, plus a huge lake, a pool, and Sneaky Pete's.

Check it out if you are in Mead, Oklahoma!
I had this much fun!