Saturday, January 6, 2018

I just turned around...

And, it was 2018.  How did that happen?  But, I am happy to put 2017 to Bed!
Big windows = lots of decorations!

It has been a big roller coaster with big highs and big lows.  Fortunately...
Too much? Nah!
It all turned out well. 

Catherine and Ryan - Sweet As!
We have jobs (kind of), a new boat and home, our families are doing well, and we are enjoying San Diego and love having company come and visit us.

I have high hopes that 2018 is going to be fabulous!
Me and Mom - always in the kitchen

Wrapping up 2017 included a quick trip to Texas to have Thanksmas with the Family.
Thanksmas with the Family

Lots of laughter, games, too much food, and family. 

Plus hours putting together a Wasgij puzzle.

Love those puzzles, but this was a tough one!
Phil and Danette come to visit!

Phil and Danette flew down from the cold Northwest to spend Christmas with us on Moondance.  The weather cooperated!
Checking out the coast

We spent 6 days touring San Diego and checking out the local pubs and eateries, plus playing tourist.

San Diego is a big city and we are just starting to explore. Always more fun when company is in town and you take time off work - hah.
Visit to Old Town

A special treat, having friends from High School days drive down from Long Beach area and join us.
Good times with old friends and family
We spent hours just talking and catching up, plus a pub crawl in OB - which is always fun. We loved spending time with all of you - thanks for coming!

Good stuff just grows on trees
New Year's Eve was just the two of us.
Tree art?

We wandered around the Hood checking out the pubs and watching the festivities and then back on Moondance just in time to ring in the New Year.

Unfortunately, no fireworks on the water. Oh well, we had a good time, plus got our exercise.
Chasing down electrical wires

Nice to just spend time with my Sweetie!

Even with all of the fun stuff and the goofy work schedules, we still had time for some boat work.

Doug is working on electrical issues and other fun stuff.  I continue to sand, varnish, and paint.  Oh boy! 
Enjoying the sunshine (and a beer)

Moondance is looking better all the time - of course, we have a long way to go...

Hope your December was fun and festive and you appreciated all the time with your family and friends - as we did.

Happy 2018 - may it be good to all of us.


PS:  Getting ready for more company.  Yeah!