Sunday, February 5, 2017

Road trip to Florida!

Well, so far, our life without a boat is going well.  A much faster pace plus we are spending lots more money, but we are hanging in there.

Beautiful white beaches along the gulf
We received a sweet invite to meet my brother and sister-in-law (Ken and Lisa) in Orlando to celebrate an early Christmas with some of the family, plus meet some of our Canadian relatives.  

Guess that means it is time for a road trip!
Great pub in Vicksburg
We took off from Texas and went thru Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida - with a little bit of Georgia on the way back.

It was a great trip thru the pecan,  peanut, and cotton fields where we learned about Boudin, cracklins, and pickled pig lips.  Oh my.
My Sweetie!

And, the old antebellum homes were gorgeous - would love a tour.

Beautiful Duff Green Mansion
Our favorite stops:  Panama City, Florida, and historic Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Great towns with great pubs.  Plus, the Bon Temps Grill in Lafayette, Louisiana, for Cajun - yum!

The Duff Green Mansion in Vicksburg was my favorite place to stay - even I think it is haunted!

So happy to see Ed and Karen!
Once we arrived in Florida, we had a chance to do some boat shopping, plus meet up with our wonderful friends - Ed and Karen.

Pool time!
We haven't seen them since our Hawaii days, where we had the best dock parties ever!

They are just as wonderful as we remembered. Just wish we could have stayed longer - as always...

Breakfast is served
We really enjoyed meeting the Canadian side of the family too.

They were so excited about the warm weather, Universal Studios, Harry Potter, and all the inexpensive shopping.
Resting after Mini-Golf
It was a whirlwind week.

Filled with lots of laughter, games, gators, and plenty of pool time!
Attack birds at Gatorland

And visiting local hangouts, of course.

We loved the burgers and beers and Shula Burgers (Don Shula's place).  Excellent and cheap.
And lots of Gators

You know you can't go to Orlando without a trip to Gatorland!
Goofy Family Christmas

They put on several exhibitions. Some are pretty hokey, but entertaining.
Island Christmas Tree

You just have to worry about the "Attack" birds if you have any food - they will get it!

We had a great time celebrating an early Christmas with the family.  Lots of sunshine, great food and company, and lots of games.

The Family!
And decorating our fake palm tree, of course.

We were very creative!
Don't feed!

Sorry to see the family and fun time come to an end, but it was time to head back to Texas.
Wild Christmas Trees

We had to get ready for another Christmas (or two), plus help plan a Wedding.

More fun!

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