Monday, February 20, 2017

Catching up!

Yup, I am way behind, but I don't want to skip sharing any of our family fun!

Catherine and Ryan
The Warren Clan gathered this year in Texas to celebrate a wedding.

Ryan and Catherine wearing their Salusalu's

Becky and Dave's son, Ryan, marrying sweet Catherine.

Having a laugh

We had such a great time - celebrating, telling stories, laughing, eating - and just spending time with the family - new and old.

Mom and Dad -- first dance

The wedding (and the bride and groom) were beautiful and everything went perfectly.

Eric and Gavin working it

Not because of the Warren's tho.

Catherine's family and friends did an excellent job.

We were having way too much fun!
Crazy family stories - love this picture

We did throw the night-before party.
Beautiful Sisters

We went for food and fun.

A Mexican Fiesta with all of the fixins.

Love my family
It was yummy and we all had a great time.
Danette and Phil enjoying the sun

Besides the wedding celebration, we had lots of Christmas's as family flew in to join us.
More presents?

We love opening presents and cooking and eating, so no complaints from us!
Gavin enjoying 2nd Christmas

There was lots of time to catch up, work on puzzles, and play 42 - a family favorite.
Mom and Dad all dressed up

It was wonderful spending time with the family - as always.
Ness and Eric cheesing it!

But, time goes way too fast when you are having this much fun (as always).
Riding thru New Mexico

We hated to say goodbye to the family in Texas, but it was time to get moving again.

Love those New Mexico blue skies

So, we motored thru six states (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and finally Washington).

It would have been nice to stop and visit along the way, but we were surrounded by big storms with lots of snow and ice (harrowing).

We just wanted to get the trip over with.
Surviving cold cold winter

Now, we are safe and sound in Tri-Cities, Washington, where it has been very cold and we have had lots of that white stuff (not sand).

But, we have had a great time catching up with friends and family (plus wearing all our warm clothes) and helping at our family's winery - Tucannon Cellars.  Come see us if you are in the neighborhood.

Now, it is time to go shopping for our next boat.  Seattle - here we come!

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